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Y Combinator Bets On VR Startup Ramen VR

Ramen VR is among a few virtual reality (VR) startups that Y Combinator has bet on in the last few years and is only one of two in the firm’s most recent batch of bets. It has a niche strategy, but it surely’s hoping to build an MMO that may leanly grow alongside the sluggish-but-steady virtual reality sector. Like every content play that’s hoping for VC dollars, Ramen VR wants ultimately to be a platform.

The corporate’s first title is called Zenith, and it’s an anime-inspired fantasy title that plays with cyberpunk themes, too. The founders are aiming to offer VR geeks the sport that they want, one that faucets into the 80s progressive aesthetic with gameplay that gives tribute to popular sci-fi novels, movies and video games of the time.

MMOs are luring quite a bit of inbound curiosity in the enterprise-backed startup world. Part of the reasoning has been due to people seeing the scope a title like Fortnite was able to obtain so quickly after going viral; the different part is the prevalence of developer instruments that gaming startups can plug into their tech stacks. Ramen VR is utilizing Improbable’s SpatialOS to bring persistent online gameplay to its customers.

The corporate launched a Kickstarter to estimate interest for Zenith; they released a week ago and have raised $132,000 in the crowdfunding campaign so far. Backers get access to a VR model of the title in addition to a desktop PC copy. The startup plans to launch across VR gadgets, including PC programs, PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest.

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