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World of Warcraft Game Developer Responds to Classic Queue Grievances

World of Warcraft Classic is flooding. Everyone is craving a shiot of that intoxicating nostalgia; however, there’s barely even room for a single small elf.

In response to a player asking why Blizzard did not have more servers in place to keep away from these long queues, game producer Ion Hazzikostas explained the director’s approach and why it may be better to have too few fields than a lot.

“From the beginning of planning for this launch, we’ve tried to prioritize the long-term health of our area communities, recognizing that if we undershot the mark in terms of launch servers, we might shift quickly to add further realms in the opening hours,” wrote Hazzikostas.

Blizzard picked the number of realms so that each would have a wholesome population even when player numbers have been around the developer’s most cautious estimates. Since launch, less than a day ago, 20 new realms have been gathered into existence. New ones will still not get added until they’re filled.

Even in-game, queues persist. If a user manages to log in, the hordes of contemporary gamers all doing the same quests means they will be competing over closely challenged spawns. Some players have tried to handle the chaos by forming orderly queues. It isn’t just the Alliance, either. The Horde is also very well mannered.

All these queues could be a pain in; however even they aren’t proof against nostalgia, and one needs to play Classic, even more, seeing all these individuals respecting every others quest and ensuring everyone will get a shot. The fact, after all, is much more boring.

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