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Tombs of Terror Seems to be Next Solo Adventure Of Hearthstone

Like the singleplayer mission package, The Dalaran Heist adopted Tombs of Terror is following the Rise of Shadows, Hearthstone’s latest expansion Saviors of Uldum. This completely voice-acted solo journey will star the League of Explorers as the adventurous archaeologists discover the ruins and cities of Uldum, with hero-specific artifacts as the prizes. Those artifacts will come in handy once they come up against the four Plague Lords in multi-phase boss battles, one at the climax of every chapter.

The League of Explorers will take the form of “dual-class heroes,” which are new to Tomb of Terrors. Elise Starseeker will couple the abilities of Priest and Druid, dino-tamer Brann Bronzebeard is both Warrior and Hunter, Reno Jackson the Relicologist is Rogue and Mage, and Sir Finley Mrrgglton of the Sands is a Murloc who connects both Paladin and Shaman.

Beating a chapter will net three Saviors of Uldum card packs, and players who complete all four episodes will get a golden Classic pack in addition to a unique card back, and unlock a final fight.

The first chapter of Tombs of Terror, the Lost City of the Tol’vir, will be accessible for free on September 17. This one sets Reno Jackson up in opposition to the Murloc Plague Lord. The next three chapters each have a different hero, and will likely be launched weekly for 700 in-game gold or $7 each. There’s further a launch package with the whole set available for $15, and a $20 pre-buy version that provides a random Saviors of Uldum Legendary and a League of Explorers card back.

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