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Steam Labs Introduces New Ways to Search for Users

Ahead of the rollout of Steam’s new library design, Steam Labs has been up to date with a brand new experiment, a tweak to an existing one, and a declaration of another forthcoming trial.

To begin with, there’s “Experiment 004”, a brand new way to search Steam with a lot more filters. It features a price slider, choices to hide video games users own or have wishlisted or that isn’t on sale, and more. This new version of search has infinite scrolling as nicely.

The tweak is an update to the micro trailers of Experiment 001, which create six-second models of containers for the time-poor. Now every single game on Steam has one, and respective tags can browse them. A whole page of flickering images demanding gamers attention.

The next Steam Labs experiment will be “Deep Dive,” based on the Steam Diving Bell by Lars Doucet, and built in partnership with him. Diving Bell is a recommender, but not like the kind that examines gamers’ preferences and figures out what to suggest based mostly on that (as the prevailing Steam Labs Recommender does), this one works by taking a recommended game to it and then citing more issues like it. Doucet compares it to a Wikipedia binge.

The Deep Dive experiment isn’t live yet; however, gamers can mess around with the others over at the Steam Labs page. The updated library will launch on September 17 once gamers opt into the beta client.

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