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South Korea to Lay out 5G Cybersecurity Strategy by 2022

South Korea will push forward a comprehensive method to strengthen its national cybersecurity by 2022 to better deal with the emergence of the 5G hyper-linked world, the Science Ministry said Tuesday.

Amid rising international stress in cyberspace and better security exposure brought about by the spread of 5G technology, Korea needs measures to protect its national interests, based on the Ministry of Science and ICT.

“Foremost among the objectives is protecting its key cyberinfrastructure by improving the safe environment to make it more survivable and enhance its restoration capability in the event of interruptions,” the ministry said.

The plan, a follow-up to the state’s strategy revealed by the National Security Office on April 3, was created by nine government ministries with input from non-public firms and consultants.

The ministry plans to improve national backup infrastructure and inspect 5G and cloud-linked facilities more carefully so they can stand up to cyberattacks. These steps must result in progress in smart factories and cities, self-driving autos and well being-related services that rely strictly on security and a secure network.

Asia’s fourth-largest economy will make a joint cyberattack response arrangement comprising the federal government, private sector, and the army to detect in advance any threats and to respond to such threats in a fast and precise method.

The country may even create a comprehensive governance structure to promote the sharing of information and devise methods to guarantee smooth cooperation among numerous players to safeguard and support the nation’s cyberspace.

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