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Qualcomm Vows to Reduce Prices of 5G Integrated Smartphones Next Year

Qualcomm vowed to play its role in enabling 5G connectivity for up to 2 billion people by expanding the 5G modem support in its chips past the 8- series to the 6 and 7-series processors. The brand new 5G-enabled mobile platforms shall be available in 2020, the seller announced today.

Nearly all of the 5G smartphones have launched at premium costs over $1,000. However, if 5G is meant to become the technology that can change all the things, then it must be reasonably priced, in order that most people can use it.

That is where Qualcomm’s new integrated 5G chips come in. The current Qualcomm X50 modem is a devoted chip that supports 5G connectivity. Subsequently, if smartphone manufacturers wanted to sell 5G devices, they’d to buy two different modems, a 5G one and one that supported previous network generations.

Qualcomm’s new X55 modem will be added into the Snapdragon 8-series mobile platform and will support 5G as well as the previous technologies. This should make it significantly cheaper for a lot of manufacturers to put the 8-series processor into their mid-range or upper mid-range phones.

For lower-cost devices, Qualcomm will even make available new Snapdragon 6 and 7-series with their very own integrated 5G modem in 2020 second half. Some companies have already signed up to use these chips, such as Motorola, Vivo, HMD Global (maker of Nokia phones), Oppo, and Redmi.

This week, Samsung, as well as Huawei, introduced their chip platforms with integrated 5G modems. The 5G chip competition is beginning to heat up as 5G smartphones start to become mainstream.

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