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ProGuides Making Money Ensuring Gamers Never Play Alone

When ProGuides introduced its service earlier this year, the young Los Angeles stationed startup meant to give avid gamers a way to train with skilled and semi-pro esports gamers from around the globe.

However, as customers signed on to the service, it became clear that they weren’t in search of training. Instead, what gamers needed was a ringer.

That’s right, ProGuides is pitching a market for skilled gamers so that its customers aren’t randomly paired with some noob if they can’t game with their regular partners.

The professional gamers who list their services on the location charge a median of $10 per session and ProGuides takes about a 25% cut. The company lowers its charges for famous players or avid gamers who’re ready to spend more time on the platform either selling their services or teaching esports gamers.

Wang says that pros on the platform are making from $750 to $2,500 per thirty days and that there are at present 250 trainers on the platform.

A typical session on ProGuides lasts around 45 minutes, and gamers are available for Fortnite, League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers, CS: GO and Hearthstone.

ProGuides raised $1.9 million in pre-seed funding in June 2018. The corporate is backed by Amplify, an LA- stationed early-stage investor and company accelerator, Quest Venture Partners, Greycroft Tracker fund, and the GFR Fund.

The LA-based firm further has some venture-supported competition on the East Coast. Gamer Sensei, which has raised nearly $6 million, has a similar standing. Accomplice and Advancit Capital sponsor it.

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