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Millennium Fan-Made Portable Console Runs PS2 Games On Raspberry Pi Server

Sony greeted the new millennium by releasing the PlayStation 2 (PS2). Almost 20 years later, a fan who goes by “darkwingmod” has built a portable version of the console that relies on a Raspberry Pi 2 server to load video games without a DVD drive. Hence, it was granted its own Pi-based moniker: the PIS2.

Calling the system portable might be a bit of a stretch: the handheld is relatively large. But it’s still interesting to see how one fan was able to resurrect an almost 20-yr-old console without relying on costly components. Even the Raspberry Pi 2 is barely dated at this point–the Raspberry Pi Foundation launched the Raspberry Pi 4 earlier this year–which makes the system works much more notable.

Those dated components are considerably expected since Darkwingmod began working on this mission in 2017, then took a break before starting again this year. They stated the system is capable of loading “99%” of the video games they tried at full speed, regardless of relying on the Raspberry Pi 2, which is precisely what someone would anticipate from a handheld console.

The PIS2 looks like the Game Gear that Sega launched in the ’90s. The structure is mainly the same because the PS DualShock controller in that it has a D-Pad on the left, four buttons on the right, buttons on the top bumper and one analog stick on either side. The difference is that the DualShock controller does not have a display in the center; however, this handheld console does.

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