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Kaspersky Starts Checking its eSports Cheater Finding Tool

Kaspersky is spinning off from defending PCs and businesses from cybersecurity warnings and into supporting eSports players from unfairness. This week, it introduced a beta version of Kaspersky Anti-Cheat, software specifically for eSports organizations to ensure fair play.

Teams can win thousands of dollars by playing in tournaments for famous titles like Dota 2League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Realizing that someone managed to cheat throughout one of these tournaments–which took place before–can result in all types of issues for their organizers.

The strategies at present used to discourage cheating vary from occasion to occasion. Blizzard carefully controls all of the gear used for Overwatch League matches, for instance, while Ubisoft’s associates for Rainbow Six Siege rely on anti-cheat solutions since many matches are played online. Organizers can mostly resolve for themselves how they need to maintain a stage playing field in a given eSports title.

In keeping with Kaspersky, its cloud-based solution is to be installed in gamers’ machines, after which level “game course data is collected, sent to the Kaspersky Anti-Cheat cloud and analyzed for suspicious events.” An umpire then receives stories in real-time through an internet interface, leaving the ref and group to decide what actions to tackle the cheater.

Kaspersky collaborated with StarLadder, which hosts tournaments for quite a few titles, for a pilot of Kaspersky Anti-Cheat. StarLadder chief business development official Alexander Chegrinez mentioned in the announcement that it would “test this new solution at our tournaments to verify how often gamers resort to dishonest behavior.” Whether or not that will result in a more extended business or unlikely depends on the software’s utility.

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