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Gigabyte Introduces New Series of High-End AIO – AORUS ATC800 Cooler

Gigabyte, a number one manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, rolled out the brand new AORUS Liquid Cooler Series for speedy cooling of the most efficient CPUs. After the success of the ATC800 Cooler, AORUS has advanced its cooling game by introducing the first AIO cooling solution to the ever-expanding AORUS lineup. Offered in 3 radiator sizes, 240/280/360 and with full support for Intel 2066, 2011,1366,115x and AMD TR4, AM4 socket CPUs, AORUS Liquid Coolers are appropriate for a multitude of builds.

 In real AORUS trend, AORUS Liquid Coolers fuse performance and gaming aesthetics with options such as dual ball-bearing structure fans and a round LCD pump cap, customizable with AORUS ENGINE and RGB Fusion 2.0.

Multi-core CPUs and better core counts are the norms for luxurious structures in this day and age; however, faster clock speeds can generate more heat which slows performance. This makes CPU Cooling more essential than ever, so AORUS Liquid Coolers are explicitly engineered to deal with the heat generated by the latest CPUs.

With an Asetek Gen6 Pump and AORUS built fans that give speedy and silent cooling, CPUs cooled with new AORUS Liquid Coolers run smoothly even under task heavy loads. Moreover, all three radiator sizes have been examined and fitted with the correct fan blade sizes to make sure the best match for high cooling performance.

Under Prime95 checking and at max RPM, AORUS Liquid Coolers tested as much as 7% cooler than other AIO coolers available in the market when running Intel i9 9900K CPUs at all cores 5GHz+.

AORUS Liquid Coolers feature a dual ball-bearing fan structure which has superior efficiency and sturdiness, with double the service life in comparison with sleeve bearing structure fans. The distinctive fan blade design reduces the unwanted noise related to higher fan speeds, making the best balance between fan speed and fan noise.

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