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DoorDash Acquires Unmanned Driving Startup Scotty Labs

DoorDash has been on an acquisition cut of late, with Scotty Labs as its newest target. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed; however, this comes after DoorDash acquired Caviar in an offer worth $410 million.

Scotty Labs, a teleoperations firm that’s working on technology to allow people to control self-driving automobiles remotely, raised a $6 million seed round from Gradient Ventures, with support from Horizon Ventures and Hemi Ventures, in 2018 March. The startup previously worked with Voyage for its self-driving automobiles in retirement communities.

In the meantime, DoorDash quietly brought on the two co-founders from Lvl5, another firm that developed tech to make high-resolution maps for autonomous driving utilizing crowdsourced imagery and computer vision to merge and process the photographs. In April, Lvl5 declared it was shutting down after the purchase.

Particulars of how Scotty Labs and Lvl5 will fit into DoorDash’s enterprise are nonexistent; however, one could imagine DoorDash employing Scotty’s technologies to monitor delivery robots or other types of autonomous automobiles remotely.

The Lvl5 contract was more of an acqui-hire and didn’t include any of the maps that had been built utilizing the corporate’s technology. Instead, startup Mapillary obtained that trove of millions of photographs.

DoorDash didn’t comment on what the new hires are working on; however, by its robot pilots and collaboration with GM, the startup has made no secret of its curiosity in exploring autonomous technology, particularly looking at how it can enhance the cost and efficiency of deliveries.

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