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Blatant Warcraft Swindle Goes Offline Following Blizzard’s Lawsuit

World of Warcraft Classic is not the only surprise from the Azeroth path to come out of Blizzard this month—World of Warcraft suits are also appearing in the news. The operator of an internet-based and mobile game that brazenly ripped off World of Warcraft has suspended operations two weeks after Blizzard registered a case against it.

Blizzard opened the suit against Chinese game maker Sina Games earlier this month, saying “is almost entirely copied from the Warcraft games and several related products.” The images on the Superb Saga Facebook page and Google Play listing are lifted from Warcraft; however, Blizzard wrote in its complaint that the similarities run much deeper.

Blizzard stated that the popularity of its Warcraft setting makes it a popular target for rip-offs by unethical developers, and also alleged that different Sina Games releases are based on various famous franchises such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Naruto. “A substantial part of Defendants’ enterprise is making and selling knock-off video games that violate popular entertainment properties,” the suit reads.

The lawsuit further contains similar images of World of Warcraft and Glorious Saga characters. The physical similarities are apparent, and even a few of the names are the same: Glorious Saga’s take on Malfurion, as an example, is named Malfurion and is defined as the husband of Whisperwind.

Blizzard is seeking maximum statutory claims of $150,000 per each copyright violated, plus legal charges, and a permanent directive against Superb Saga and any other Sina-operated video games that infringe on its copyrights. However, it seems that Sina has already thrown in the robe. A message written today on the Glorious Saga Facebook website indicates that the game has suddenly been closed.

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